Box rotation in autumn – LR hive

Why should we rotate hive in late summer or beginning of autumn. Why should we ever rotate boxes or change the places, should we leave everything to the bees, because they know the best. Of course they know the best, but for themselves, but if you want more honey, stronger colonies and some other goals to achieve, than certainly you should do more and be wise how to get it.

One of rotation that beekeepers using LR hives usually do; is rotation of boxes, all boxes, supers and brood as well. Usually beekeepers prefer that brood box is lower box, near the entrance, and upper boxes are supers or honey boxes. Usually but not allways. Generally speaking honeybees want to be more far from entrance.

There are three main reasons:

1. the box with queen and brood we are moving upper regarding easier feeding during late winter and early spring

2. the box with queen and brood we move upper because it is easy for bees defend the colony if it is jeopardised by other bees and/or mices…

3. it is less cold in upper part because the entrance is more far

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