LR – hive history

Rev. Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth (25 December 1810 – October 6, 1895), apiarist, clergyman and teacher.

L. L. Langstroth was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Yale University in 1831. After this he was pastor. In 1848, Langstroth became principal of a young ladies’ school in Philadelphia. He started to do beekeeping regarding depression problems he had. His new hive basically was created on idea of Francis Huber hive invented in 1789. This hive also has movealbe frames, but like leafs in the book. Langstroth with further exploring of bee lives found very important discovery so called “bee space”, even this knowledge allready has been implemented in Europe.

But L.L. Langstroth used discovery about bee space to create new top open hive. He found if he leave enough space between two boxes he will be able very easy to remove one not cemented by the propolis in that case. Also he created the frames in way to be easily removable as well. He has received a patent on this his invention in 1852. After this year started the commercial use of Langstroth’s hive.

He also found that queen bee can be kept in lower part of hive. In this way beekeepers in upper parts can deal only with honey. His discoveries were very important in beekeeping, made beekeeping more effective with lower costs and much bigger contribution.

In 1853, Langstroth published The Hive and the Honey-Bee, and this book even nowadays is part of beekeeping literature. L.L. Langstroth has died in 1895. His hive has been redesigned by Amos Root (1838-1924). This hive is very popular and world wide used by name of Langstroth-Root or LR hive.

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