How the bee queen laying new brood


If everything was good then queen bee, after returning from wedding flights, very quickly after 2 or three days start to lay eggs. Queen bee usually can live 2-3 years even up to 5 years. If all conditions are good, weather, climate and enough food in two days queen bee can lay more 2000 eggs. It is double of her weight. For so high productivity the big role has royal jelly that queen bee is fed.

Honey bee or Drone

It is very important that the bee queen mates with drones 5-10 days after hatching (first 5 days are orientation flights), because it is the best time for mating. On the size of bee queen’ ovarian and quantity of sperm received during mating depends age border will bee queen lay fertilized eggs . Bee queen receives sperm during the wedding flights for the whole life and is held in spermatheca. When lying from the ovary, if the sperm is released from spermatheca the bee queen will lay fertilized egg in the honeycomb cell, in this case egg carries 32 chromosomes. Will it be honey bee or a new bee queen depends on the type of food that continues to feed the larvae in their development cycle. If honey bees continue to feed the larvae with royal jelly, the larvae will grow to the bee queen otherwise if continue to feed on nectar and pollen will then raise to a honey bee. The key period is 12 hours from hatching eggs (3 days from laying). If during this process the released egg from ovary is not fertilized with sperm from spermatheca from this larvae the drone will grow (male), egg carries only 16 chromosomes. The Drone will always carries only maternal genes, and therefore, actually drone has no father and only has grandfather ie has those genes with the male side that received his mother after mating of his grandmother.

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