Interesting facts bees about

Bees facts

– Optimal flight range for a good yield of honey is 1500m, so with this radius bees of one colony/apiary covering 7065000m2

– Beekeepers treat bees with smoke regarding calming down them, but few people know that the bees react on smoke in a fear of fire and retreat to the hive and preparing evacuation of colony

– Some honey crystallizes, some do not depend on the ratio of glucose and fructose in honey

– If propolis is melted in alcohol doesn’t mean allways liquid has to be black, it depends on the type of propolis and from which plants propolis has been collected

– 10000 bee weighs about 1kg

– Very good colony has about 60,000 bees

– Average swarm has about 30,000 bees and is a little bit heavier than 3kg, because the bees had eaten well before leaving from the hive

– Whether from the fertilized egg will become a queen bee or honey bee depends on the food which the larvae is fed

– For 1kg of wax bees need 4kg of honey

– Bee queen can in one day lays 2000 eggs, it is her weight

– Bees produce honey in the same way at least 150 million years .

– When collecting nectar and pollen bee visits a day, about a thousand flowers .

– Healthy and strong bee colony during one day can pollinate up to 3 million flowers

– Scientists have long known that bees are social creatures, but they also have found that the complete colonies are willingly to drink. Bees prefer spirit drinks. When they have a choice between the strongest possible sugar liquid and 80 % alcohol, bees go at the bar .

– The bee is the only insect in the world that produces food so good that people also eating

– All the bees produce good and healthy honey. Poor quality honey is the result of poorly educated beekeepers .

– Honey is one of the safest kind of food. Most harmful bacteria can not live in honey.

– The smallest bee in the world is the dwarf bee ( Trigona minima ), her length is about 2.1 mm. The largest bee is Megachile pluto, which can grow to a length of 39 mm

– It is estimated that one third of food production in some way dependent on pollination, which is mainly carried out by bees

– Honey has been used in medicine for at least the last 2700 years for the treatment of various diseases .

– Bees during a flights move its wings about 230 times per second

– The drone has bigger eyes than the honey bee in order to more easily notice the bee queen during mating

– Bee queen is mating with 10-40 drones during wedding flights

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